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SunFX: Original


Pamper your skin with:

Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Green Tea
Natural Coconut (Vitamins A, C & E)

Stay away from the nasties:

No alcohols
No artificial preservatives
No parabans
No perfumes
No odours

Available in:  Light Summer, Mid Summer and Dark Summer.

Developing Time:  3-8 hours*

Original Tan Solution

SunFX's all-new Original solution delivers a completely natural looking, streak free, golden tan in less than five hours.

A unique combination of organic and natural ingredients with hypo-allergenic synthetic bronzers which combine to produce a beautiful, instant and natural looking tan.

All-Natural Approved DHA.

Can last 5-10 days on most skin types, fading gradually.

Available in Light Summer, Mid Summer, and Dark Summer.

Developing Time:  3-8 hours*

*Note:  Can shower after 5 hours, however colour continues to develop.