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California Tan: Medium Tinted

California Tan Medium Tinted

Perfect results thanks to:

Natural Colorant Blend
Bronzetend Blend

Pamper your skin thanks to:

Triple Moisture Sensation
Aloe Vera
Witch Hazel

Developing Time:  1-3 hours*

Medium Tinted Solution

For fair-skinned clients looking for the perfect top-up to make you gorgeously tanned and toned, we’ve got you covered.

California Tan’s exclusive ‘Color Perfecting Complex Natural Colorant Blend’ works with your skin’s organic color ensuring you an amazing natural-looking result.

The natural Caramel Tint provides immediate results, so you can show off your gorgeous tan immediately. (Please see below for setting time.)

Can last 5-10 days on most skin types, fading gradually.

One solution. All skin tones. Perfect results.

Developing Time:  1-3 hours*

*Note:  Longer set time results in darker final colour.