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California Tan: Dark Clear

California Tan Dark Clear

Perfect results thanks to:

Natural Colorant Blend
Bronzetend Blend
Color Match Blend

Pamper your skin thanks to:

Triple Moisture Sensation
Aloe Vera
Witch Hazel

Developing Time:  1-4 hours*

Ultra Dark Clear Solution

Sneak out for lunch and watch your colour gradually develop before you finish work. Your colleagues will never know how you did it! You can even come back to shower here before your hot date.

The ultimate time-managing-tan.

Taking you from zero to an after-holiday tan in up to 4 hours, you'll be gorgeously tanned, toned and ready for any event.

California Tan’s exclusive ‘Color Perfecting Complex Natural Colorant Blend’ works with your skin’s organic color ensuring you an amazing natural-looking result.

One solution. All skin tones. Perfect results.

The natural Caramel Tint provides immediate results, so you can show off your gorgeous tan immediately. (Please see below for setting time.)

Can last 5-10 days on most skin types, fading gradually.

Developing Time:  1-4 hours*

*Note:  Longer set time results in darker final colour.